Knowledge in Education Law


Refer to the slides to get an overall insight into the role , responsibilities and fuctions of SEBI.

Education Day 2018

Education Day 2018 which was organised in the Computer Labs of the Hostel Premises with the batch of 2018-20.

legal aspect of business

this study material will give you an idea of health and corporate law.

Power point presentation on online education.

This is power point presentation on online explains the complete information about online education.some educational sites are also suggested.

Electric Dipole (extended), II semester

Attached document contains notes of Electric Dipole. These notes are prepared by a professor are really helpful and easy to understand

Software Engineering and Law

Software is complex in fact, yet additionally from a lawful perspective. Legislations places requirements in the manner that product can be made, utilized, reused, incorporated, and conveyed. Free, and Open Source Systems (FOSS), yet in addition commercial software frameworks, are appropriated under specific licenses, that decide under which condition the product can be utilized, changed, and re-appropriated. Nearby and universal enactment places limitations in the manner a product framework can be sent and utilized.

Model United Nations. Details and Procedure

This is a detailed guide regarding the rules, procedures, and model code of conduct of Model United Nations.


Sharing the notes of PROJECTIONS AND COORDINATE SYSTEMS in brief. Watch the related video on this link -